About CloudPsycholoog

Since 2007, the role of POH GGZ has been established. The POH GGZ is the General Practitioner’s Mental Health Support Worker. By now, the POH GGZ has become indispensable in the general practice setting. Patients with mental health inquiries can consult a specialized colleague for consultations, advice, and referrals.


Patients registered with CloudDoctor Medi-Mere can, of course, continue to use the POH GGZ services, just like at any other general practice. The way the POH GGZ care is provided can vary for our CloudDoctor patients.


For example, it is possible to work independently via Ehealth In this case, a POH GGZ will enroll you in an E-health program suitable for your complaints. Psycho-education and exercises will be provided. You can also chat with your POH GGZ through a secure connection.


It is also possible to consult your POH GGZ via video call consultations. This method allows personal contact, making it feel as though you are in the consultation room with your POH GGZ, but without the need to travel to the practice.


Should the above options not suffice, we have the possibility to see you for your psychological complaints in a Medi-Mere general practice clinic through our specialized POH GGZ.

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